Engineering Analysis and Design
Our in house engineering and design teams provide customers with effective and efficient solutions to any job.
The Power of Prefabrication
Mastech specializes in the fabrication of cold-form metal wall, floor, and roofing panels. Our services include building design, panel pre-fabrication, delivery of ready-to-install panels, construction and integration of our custom panels. Mastech's unique capability is the fabrication of pre-finished exterior wall panels that can be delivered and installed already finished with brick, stucco, siding, windows, insulation, mechanicals, etc.
Prefabricating building panels is a non-traditional method of construction that provides the customer with flexible and cost-saving options that get the job done faster. Prefab opens up opportunities in schedule-limited projects that are not possible with traditional methods. In addition to up-front benefits, prefabrication gets your building working for you sooner.
Begin Building Immediately
    Prefab allows the construction phase to get a head-start before the site is even ready by fabricating panels and storing them weather-proof and ready to ship.
Flexible Construction
    Mastech can accelerate the schedule of the project by erecting portions of the building that allow other work to begin early, such as plumbing and roofing. We work with our customers to optimize both our time and theirs.
Total Package Delivered
    Our panels are not limited to structural steel and partition walls. We also deliver ready to install panels already finished with siding, windows, dryer vents, insulation, brick... you name it.
Moisture Management
    We specialize in creating ultra-weather proof panels designed to endure the harshest sea-side elements with zero water infiltration.
No Weather Delays
    All work is conducted in our 22,500 square foot climate controlled shop, allowing work to continue those days field work isn't feasible.
Top Floor to Ground Level
    Multi-story construction often incurs extra costs and risk by requiring personnel to work many stories high. With prefabrication, your top floor wall panels are built at table height, saving you time and money.
Risk Mitigation
    Getting the work done ahead of time reduces the chance of unforeseen issues impacting building schedule.
Quality Assurance
    Mastech has the expertise and equipment needed to install our panels on any job, anywhere. We take pride in earning a reputation of quality and integrity.